Auto SMS Reply

Auto SMS Reply 1.53

Automatic answer machine for SMS

Auto SMS Reply is a full-featured auto-responder that sends SMS to your missed callers. Now you can have callers who can't reach you get an automated SMS reply with your own unique message. There is no need for them to speculate as to when you will be available or why you are not answering their calls.

Key features include:

  • Auto SMS Reply can be placed permanently in the foreground when in monitoring mode so that you know it is in operation.
  • An option to minimize allows Auto SMS Reply to be used in the background when in operation if needed.
  • Auto restart at each soft reset
  • Maximum number of SMS messages to send per caller per session.
  • Total number of SMS messages to be sent in total per session.
  • Counter to view status of messages sent in current session.
  • Create as many templates as you want allowing you to switch between them by just two clicks.
  • Personalized replacement of caller's names using Title, First, Last, Suffix.
  • Current Log Files can be cleared with a simple press of a button or automatically cleared on every new session.
  • Individual log entries can be deleted without exiting the session for special cases.
  • Option to clear log files at every session
  • Automatically delete log entries older than a specific period of time.
  • Log displays Number, Caller, Time, Number of Rings, Sent Status.
  • Inclusion and Exclusion rules: All numbers, Numbers Starting With, International Numbers, Unidentified Numbers.
  • Configure Number of Rings before SMS is sent.
  • Inline help to make Inline Help makes operation of this software a breeze.

A feature packed way of answering your calls and SMS messages, even when you're away.

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Auto SMS Reply


Auto SMS Reply 1.53